Its that time….

Hey Y’all!

My name is Callan Charron and I am one of the 5 interns that will be running the CSA and farmers market this summer. I am so very excited to get started! I have loved the outdoors since I was a little girl, and always knew I wanted to do something involving the earth. Planting a small seedling and watching it grow amazes me and I am so anxious to learn as much as I can so one day I can be sustainable and teach those what I have learned so that slowly but surely we can all turn the world a little more green. I never really knew how much work there was to planning a garden until now. It has taken me long hours to narrow down varieties and correct spacing and proper care for each individual plant that I will grow. Plants are kind of like children, all different with their different temperament levels. Each must be taken care of in their own unique way. I definitely think this summer is going to challenge me in many ways, especially physically, but I feel confident. Also, loosing a few pounds from sweating in the hot sun is always a plus, haha. We are already getting geared up by seeding some of our crops in the greenhouse. Some plants need to be started in the greenhouse to give them an extra push to start growing, then we will transplant them into the field. As the weather keeps getting better, things will start rolling. Summer is almost here and what better time to start eating healthy and trying new things than now!